Dave & Mer's Trip to Africa
Dave and Mer are going to Africa in the middle of August, 2004! We go to Zambia for 2 weeks, then Mer flies home and Dave flies over to Namibia for 11 days. For those of you who are wondering where Zambia is, here is a map that shows where it is within Africa:


Here's a map of Zambia that shows the different locations that we're going:


1) We leave Boston on Friday, August 13th. We arrive in Zambia's capital, Lusaka, on Sunday the 15th then make a quick flight to the Kasaka River Lodge on the Lower Zambezi river. The lodge is right on the banks of the Zambezi River so there are plenty of opportunities to canoe past groups of crocodiles and hippo and elephant. We'll also do game drives and game walks. This lodge is right outside the Lower Zambezi National Park:


2) On August 19th, we leave the Kasaka River Lodge and fly to our next lodge which is in South Luangwa National Park. We're staying with Shenton Safaris which runs two camps within the park. We're spending the first 4 nights at Kaingo camp which is a little more of a lodge and then the last 3 nights at Mwamba camp which is more rustic. We'll do game drives, game walks, and night safaris to see all kinds of wildlife like lion, leopard, etc. and we can watch hippo and elephant from different blinds placed around the camp. This map shows where Kaingo is within the park:


3) On August 26th, we leave Kaingo and South Luangwa NP and fly to Lusaka. After spending an afternoon and a night there, we fly on the morning of the 27th to the town of Livingstone. Livingstone is mainly known for being adjacent to Victoria Falls, the largest waterfall in the world. We spend two nights at the Nyala Lodge just outside of town. We're cramming in a lot of activities when we're there. One afternoon we're doing a game drive in a nearby game park which has some rare white rhino that we'll see if we're lucky. Later that afternoon, we each do a micro-light flight over the falls right before sunset. We're going to spend an entire day rafting the Zambezi which is one of the top three rafting rivers in the world.

On August 29th, we leave Livingstone. When we get to Johannesburg, Mer flies onward to Boston and Dave flies over to Windhoek, the capital of Namibia. For those of you who are wondering where Namibia is, here is a map that shows where it is within Africa:


And here's a map of Namibia that shows where Dave is going:


1) I arrive in Windhoek on Monday, August 30th. After picking up my rental car and getting paperwork in order, I strike out northward on my own, stopping for my first night in Okonjima Lodge which is home to the AfriCat Foundation, a foundation that takes in sick, orphaned, or mistreated large cats and takes care of them. Guests can view the cats on hikes around the 10,000 acre 'rehabilitation' park.

2) After one night at Okonjima, I drive up to Etosha National Park which is the main park within Namibia for viewing wildlife. I'll spend 4 nights there at two camps within the park: Namutoni and Okaukuejo. Etosha, like most of Namibia, has unique geology for a game park. Most of the park is a salt pan from a dried up lake. Etosha has a large variety of wildlife like Zambia has but different types are more common here. For instance, Namibia has over 25% of the world's cheetah population. There are many more animals than the ones commonly associated with Africa (like lion, etc.). One example is the meerkat - if you've seen the Lion King, Timon was a meerkat.

3) After leaving Etosha, I drive over to Damaraland to stay two nights at Camp Xaragu. I hope to see rare desert elephant here and this area is home to Africa's only increasing population of black rhino. Also, there are many interesting geographic formations and ancient rock art.

4) The next stop is the famous system of dunes south in the Namib Desert but this is too long of a drive for one day so I'll overnight at the De Duine Hotel in Henties Bay which is just north of Swakopmund, a popular coastal resort town. Then it's down to the Sossusvlei Lodge for two nights (check out the link on their site to Area Maps, then click on Satellite for some very cool photos of the area). There I'll explore the dunes which are the tallest in the world - some over 700 feet.

5) After leaving the Namib Desert on the 9th, I drive up to Windhoek for the afternoon, stay at the Safari Hotel that night, then start the long flight home to Boston the next day. I get back into Boston on September 11th.